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Madness movies seem to be getting as bad as sprite battles--you only find a few good ones amidst a huge wave of wanna-bes. Seriously, what was that? 8 Frames per second? If you even used tweens I didn't notice. It's not THAT hard to bump it up to like...20 FPS, is it?

Otherwise, only the the wall-to-ceiling run stood out a little as 'cool', but it was so jerky that I could barely tell what was going on.

Sifter1337 responds:

It's 12.0 fps, do you think it is a slow frame rate?

And yeah, you suck for rating low.

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Different, challenging, and a great art style.

When I first figured out that you could only walk where there was light, it blew my mind away. Great job also on the mood that the art style and background music create. 10 out of 10 on everything, so I don't even need to list the different categories it's judged on. I'm going to play it again.

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Great, and catchy!

A few of the bass parts among others remind me of the PSX Crash Bandicoot series...way to go!

As always, excellent.

Hey Jesse, this is Brando. I remember you making this at my place in Mangshi after you downloaded the choirs. It's still as awesome now as it was then. Keep up the great work.

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I love those kind of dreams...

Pros: Everything

Cons: I'm wrecking my mind trying to find some. Failed.

I know that this shouldn't count as a review, but you did such a good job that I just had to leave a praising comment. You nailed that dream feeling. I don't know if you were falling in the dream, but this just makes me shudder and think of soaring. Excellent job!

ChrisDaemon responds:

Thank you for the review!

That was a really nice dream tbh. I'm glad you think I did a good job depicting it.

It's good, but has potential to be better.

Pros: The detailing on the armor suit and jet pack are great, and I think the simple colouring works well for the picture. The blues of the suit go well with orange mist, but I may just have a slight bias towards the blue-orange colour scheme--it's my favorite.

Cons: The poise of the soldier made it difficult for me to initially make out what the figure actually was. This could be amended with a tiny addition of detail--a sillouette of the soldier's face in the visor, or his right somewhat peeking out from behind his body--anything like that would help give a humanoid shape away. Perhaps if the feet were more visible, it would be clear, but you seem to want them obscured by the orange fog, so perhaps not.

Advice(aka my own unprecedented personal opinion): One way to clear up some of the detail on the armor would be to have the fog set a little lower at his feet, rather than all the way near his shoulders. If you put effort into detailing the suit, don't cover it up!

I can't think of anything more to nitpick. Good job, and I hope this review was helpful. If not, there's that ever-so-useful red button to the lower left.

Great dragon; it looks punkish.

Maybe it's the attitude eye and the beard(?), but it looks young and rebellious. The bone spikes seem out of place; perhaps there should be more of them or none at all. The fur at the end of the tail seems odd, too. Perhaps a longer tail or the fur narrowing at the end of the tail would suit it better. But, overall, you nailed the dragon body structure. You should take the time to spend more detail on a realistic dragon, I have the feeling you'd excel at it.

I have way too many interests. I'm studying to be an engineer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I enjoy art, writing, and am trying to get into animation. I don't sleep much, either.

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